Does this describe your child?

Flamboyant pupils are normal children with different capabilities and abilities in different areas. Flamboyant candidates have an average to above average intellectual potential, however they struggle to read, write, spell or do mathematics successfully. Often parents of Flamboyant candidates feel that their child can do / achieve so much better. It is very often a pupil who struggles to focus his attention and can't concentrate. Flamboyant pupils may be happy and bubbly, others have a low self-esteem.

Does anything in this list describe your child?

  • A normal, happy child
  • A child of average to above average intelligence
  • A child whom you believe is capable of better achievement at school
  • A child who struggles to read or write or concentrate
  • A child whose self-esteem is being affected by his progress at school

It may be that your child is experiencing a problem in one or more of the following areas:

  • Visual perception (the brain's interpretation of what is seen)
  • Auditory perception (the brain's interpretation of what is heard)
  • Emotional (perhaps a result of his poor performance)
  • Concentration span

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