What we offer

Flamboyant School caters for pupils with one or other barrier to learning by:

  • Small classes - 10:1 in the Foundation Phase, 12:1 in the Senior Primary and Junior Secondary Phase
  • Mainstream curriculum with focus on the individual child by repetition, different methods of explaining and teaching
  • A multi-disciplinary approach to monitor progress thoroughly and regularly
  • A specialised team of Occupational Therapists (helps the child overcome motor or visual problems), Speech Therapists (helps the child overcome auditory or language problems)), Educational Psychologist and Remedial Therapists(re-learning / filling in blocks).

Other activities offered include :

  • a full sport programme, including swimming, athletics, cross-country, soccer and netball
  • formal music lessons are provided for grades 1-4, while various forms of music and drama is presented to pupils in grades 5-9 in the formal Arts and Culture lessons
  • art lessons which have great therapeutic as well as cultural value
  • clubs are offered which range from model building to pet care to chess